Thursday, April 05, 2007

One of those days

You know how when you had a bad day and you wish you never woke up from your lovely sleep and instead stayed in bed the whole day ? Today seems to be one of those days. Office internet had some intermittent issues since yesterday and client hasn't been able to access our website since then. To make things worst I was in a meeting since 10am and only got back in office at 3pm only to be bombarded left,right and center with comments and questions about the issue.

Lucky the day was saved with a free lunch buffet with some lovely honeydew sago for dessert. After that a visit to one of the site that has implemented a new system to do some research made it even sweeter but then again it was like a double edged sword. On one hand my eyes were having an awesome time but then again being in my office attire with a tie made me feel damn out of place lor .. hahahahaha

Well obviously since the networking guys are working on it and it's out of my control there' s only so little I can do unless I take a gun and start pointing at the technicians head which obviously I wouldn't cause I mean like where can I find a gun in the office right ?? hahahah anyways here's some technical info on what happened .. the internet was still having problem because the firewall went bonkers and after much tinkering they still couldn't fix it. We had some urgent data that needs to be migrated to a government agency for them to process so finally we decided to remove the server from the firewall and connect it directly to the router just to transfer the data so one problem solved but the main problem still exists .. that's a battle I will keep for tomorrow.

Yesterday I had classes and I was totally like damn the blur lor. It's as if parts of my memory no longer existed especially anything concerning last week. I sat there looking at my notes and handwriting and even though I can obviously recognise it as my own but I have no recollection whatsoever of actually solving the question and taking down the notes. I was like OMG WTF .. did I really do this .. shitssssssssss ... I've certainly lost some brain cells over last weekend .. time to hit the books ..

Arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... faints


bulat said...

so kelian a you. and finally..~ ur brain has taken a holiday too?: P

lilxcute said...

Lolz brain startup failure. *pokes pokes* *huggiez*

changeiam said...

so not the funny lor .. brain finally giving up on me after me demanding so much .. time to delete some space :D

Janice said...

aww there there

bulat said...

aiksaiks. ini program tergendala sjr. of coz everything is fine~

changeiam said...

jan thanks dear huggiesssssss

bulats yah lor suddenly signal lost so no reception now upgrade antenna and memory already shouldn't happen again hopefully :D