Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kanye West Afterparty

Rushed to Velvet after the concert so can make it in time before Kanye walks in but I think in the end he did't show up after all. Doesn't matter it was still a damn fun night. Reached there before 12 and the place was already fill with people which is suprisingly good for Sunday night.

Metup with some old and new faces though honest to god I can't remember some of their names even though meeting them more than once hahahahaha never was really good with names anyway. Anyway Tyler informed that Lewis Hamilton was around .. you know the F1 driver who had a stunning 2nd place finish in Sepang. Though I never got the chance to watch the actual race since I was in class but I reckon it must have been pretty awesome. So me and Cynthia went running to take pictures with him hahahh felt like some paparazzi reporter/photographer and you couldn't imagine the amount of people surrounding him and I got kinda nervous cause I don't know much about F1 .. hahahaha

Me : Eh is this going to be a hit and run thingy or we need to talk to him ?
Cyn : Just go and get a picture la
Me : Cause I have no idea if he won or lost the race also
Cyn : Don't care la just go only

So we somehow got to take a picture with him .. hahahaha and said hi and bye and ran for our lives cause people around him were actually having proper conversations with him and we just went there for the picture .. damn evil .. hahahaha

Met with a few other friends there as well and suprised to see a few familiar faces from the concert as well. Too Phat also made an apperance and apparently some dude who danced in Madonna's video was also there strutting his stuff. Tried to get some picture but he was damn fast and most of the pictures I took came out blur .. yes yes drinking had nothing to do with it okay !!!!

I believe I can fly yet I'm in a cage

All good things must come to an end and in this case Cyn had to go back office to get some work done. Damn pity her also la kena dragged out by me and then had to go back to office to do work .. Sorry Cynthia hope you manage to finish your work and didn't get into too much trouble
Many thanks to Tyler as well for inviting us to the party. It was fawesome !!!


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changeiam said...

somehow when you say that just sounds so wrong lor .. hahaha

bulat said...

!!!!~but those are nice birds wad!!

changeiam said...

hahahaah yes yes they definately are :D