Friday, April 20, 2007

Musical Friday - David Gray

Is it even possible to miss blogging ? Somehow being sick and away from the internet the past few days with the sudden mountain load of work on my table I've missed posting on my blog. Not like I've got millions of readers to keep satisfied but somehow just having an outlet to release some steam after work or a happy fulfilling day makes it that much easier to fall asleep at night. Managed to squeeze this post in after a meeting. Will be back later with more !!! Muahahaha OMG I'm turning into a blog whore ..................

I first heard about this artist from here and after just listening to one song I decided to try and get hold of the album and try out the rest of the songs.

David Gray - White Ladder

1. Please Forgive Me
2. Babylon
3. My Oh My
4. We're Not Right
5. Nightblindness
6. Silver Lining
7. White Ladder
8. This Years Love
9. Sail Away
10. Say Hello Wave Goodbye
11. Babylon II
When I first listened to him sing Please forgive me immediately I was reminded of James Blunt minus the high pitch voice. After listening to the whole album the first time I was immediately hooked to his laid back style of singing and meaningful lyrics.

Sail away me with honey

Though most of his song has a little hint of love,heartbreak or dissapointment but it's part of life and David just potrays it beautifully in his songs. Some of the songs are really slow and hits you straight to the heart. Eventhough some of the songs are not that great or heartfelt compared to the others but overall I still listened to the whole album without having to skip any tracks.

Let go your heart, Let go your head

If you're feeling in the need of some loving or just in the mood to listen to something laid back and easy then give White Ladder a try who knows you might just love it.

Some of my favourite tracks are

  • Babylon
  • This Years Love
  • Sail Away
  • Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
  • Please Forgive Me
  • We're Not Right