Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Let's all go scrobbling !!!

I first heard about Last.fm from here and I decided to sign up for it last year and fast forward to now and I finally got my lazy ass to post something about it. Also you would have noticed that I've included the recent music I'm listening to at this exact moment on the side though it's not like updated by the second but it's still good enough.

So in case you go bonkers wondering what the heck is Last.fm and what the heck is scrobbling let me shed some light hahahaha. Last.fm is a social music network similiar to friendster but in this case it keeps tracks of the music you listen to and adds it to your profile which in their term is scrobbling. So you scrobble the music you're listening to and you can share your music preference with the rest of the world.

You can even built charts, get recommended to music based on what you have listened so far. They even have a radio where you can stream music. Then you can also build your list of friends or listen to what your neighbours are listening to. It's basically an awesome way to get to know new music or artists.

So what are you waiting for ? Sign up for a Last.fm account for FREE or check out their FAQ here first and let's start sharing our music preferences or you can check out my profile here.