Thursday, April 26, 2007

The ice cream treat

Met up with Janice for a late lunch, more like I ate while she watched. Ended up in A&W in Sunway Pyramid. Getting a parking there is just pure nightmare because of all the construction that is going on. Spent almost 20 mins in the parking lot just going round and round looking for a parking.

Since Janice owed me ice cream we went hunting around for Haagen Daz which if we remember correctly was located in Oasis Boulevard, we went round and round and couldn't find it so in the end we settled for good ole Baskin.

After our ice cream escapade we went walking around Pyramid because Janice was waiting for Skyler to pass him a cake since it was his birthday. After all the walking we ended up near the skating rink and watched people fall on their ass. Skyler arrived LATE and he insisted he treat us a drink for making us wait so long and we ended up in Starbucks.

After drinking coffee so often decided to try tea instead and ordered the Tazo Ice Lemon Tea thingy. Pretty darn expensive for a cup of tea. Hahahahha. Left Janice to metup with more friends in Subang while I went home to get some work done.


lilxcute said...

RM10 for a cuppa TEA!
Siao one <_<

changeiam said...

hahahah actually a cuppa coffee in starbucks also will cost around RM 10 what