Monday, April 09, 2007

Wake up Mr West !!!!

Wooohooooooooooooo manage to catch the Kanye West concert yesterday and it was with great anticipation. I've always enjoyed listening to his music and with the chance to catch him perform life it was an experience not to be missed.

Initially wanted to go but since I knew no one else going decided to give it a miss and head home to catch up on some much needed sleep. I was in class when I got an sms from Cynthia.

I got tickets for the concert. You wanna go ?

That's all I needed hear and plans were made to meet up around 6pm before heading for the concert. She managed to get a free pass for herself so I bought mine from the counter at the stadium itself. I thought the place will be like crowded with people and getting a parking would be a nightmare but luckily it turned out to be otherwise.

Reached there slightly after 6pm and I got my tickets and we had to wait for Cynthia's friend Belinda to arrive with the ticket. Walked around taking random pictures and we finally got to get in around 8pm and I was suprised with the amount of people around. I thought it will be like quite packed with everyone pushing and shoving to get in front of the stage.

After much waiting Too Phat came on stage to kick off the night. The did a number of songs and by 9ish they were done and we were left waiting while Kanye's guys get the sound system ready before he gets on.

The accompanying orchestra came out and everyone started screaming their lungs out, the girls especially. For a moment there I thought I almost lost my hearing.

Finally Kanye West appeared and I can't exactly remembered the song he opened it I think it's Diamond ? Arrrgghhh getting old .. hahahahah .. and then that's when the crowd starting pushing and shoving and they really were pushing like mad. Before long Cynthia gave up and left to head over to the media box. Leaving me and her friend Bel standing our ground. After a few songs I turned around to realise Bel also was missing hahahaha. He played quite a number of songs that I love like
  • Gold digger
  • Workout plan
  • Through the wire
  • Diamonds From Sierra Leone
and a few other that I can't really recall at the moment. It was one sweaty experience but being so close to Kanye definately made up for all the pushing and shoving ... hahahahah ... and after finally not being able to be surrounded by sweaty young females I decided to get some fresh air from the behind.

The one thing I didn't understand was how he was playing a song from his upcoming album Graduation and he suddenly said

No No No stop stop stop

I thought they played a wrong song or what but then he played the song again. I guess he wasn't happy with how it sounded the first time. Hahahhahaha overall I was expecting a whole lot more from him but then was quite happy with what he played as well but I think a bit not worth the effort and trouble to see him only sing for about an hour only.

In fact I was expecting him to come out stage and do an encore as most performances/concerts have but obviously I was wrong. Thank you Mr West for coming down to Kuala Lumpur and keeping it real !!!