Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

It's here !!! It's HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!! My little belated birthday present is finally here. I feel just like a small kid waiting anxiously the whole of yesterday for it to arrive and now it's here I'm simply overjoyed. It's one of the best things I could have done for myself. So what did I get myself ? I'll let the pictures do the talking :)

What can it be ? A notebook ? A new computer ?? hmmmmmmm I wonder :D

Eh that's not it ... hahahahahah

Tadaaaaaaaa ... Now can guess it ?? :)

New vs old - 1920x1200 vs 1600x1200 - 24" widescreen LCD vs 21" CRT monitor


aran but whothehellgivesadamn said...

Daymmmmnnn that's sweet. Damage to the wallet = ?

changeiam said...

damage to the wallet RM2k but considering that normal price before PC Fair is 2.6k was considered a bargain :D