Monday, April 23, 2007


Will be away for training the next two days so will not have a chance to update the blog ... booohoooooo

Went and watched Wild Hogs over the weekend and it rawksssss !! Watch it if you haven't. It will definitely leave you aching from laughter.

Apart from that I'm down to about two weeks more before my exams and asssignment is due and I haven't done anything yet. Will need to start thinking about something soon or else I'm going to end up dead. Hope I get something done by this week at least a draft on what the assignment is going to be about.

Went Ikea yesterday and met not one but two friends whom I haven't seen in ages. It's funny how sometimes you bum into the most unexpected people at the most unexpected places :D

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lilxcute said...

watched without me!!!!! =((((

changeiam said...

Never mind can go watch again cause it was damn funny I think I was the loudest in the cinema :D