Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ice skatings

After heading to college and doing some work dropped by Pyramid because some of the guys/gals were suppose to go ice skating. The plan was to go there say hi, take a few pictures and go off back home to continue my assignment but as usual the plan suddenly changed.

Typical Malaysian timing and I was the first one there other than Janice since she was there earlier for her lessons. Somehow I was just there to watch and before I knew it I found myself strapping on a pair of skates wondering WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING !!?!?!?!

Slowly crawled onto the ice and tried my best to stay on my two feet rather than on my ass ahhahahah lucky it was still early and there's wasn't that many people on the ice. Tried my best to skate instead of walk hahahaa and there were occasions where I could slide a few feet la ..

After lunch Coco and her friends joined us and I thought I was bad luckily I'm not the only one so no need to feel so scared. Janice was trying to to push me and Cody and everyone was having fun that is until me and Cody lost our balance and came tumbling down. So much for the ice breaker, we were the first !!! hahahaha After a few hours there, it was finally time to leave. THANK GOD !!!

Went for lunch in A&W and met with another group of friends who apparently were standing and watching us all make a fool of ourselves grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .. hahahah

What better way to chill and relax after a tiring day other than going to my second home.

If you're in Sunway area on Friday head over to Starbucks from 12pm-2pm to get a free frappuccino.