Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mid week ramblings

There's so many things to do yet here I am sitting and wondering what to do. I probably need to get off my lazy fat ass and start thinking about what I need to do for the assignment and at the same time borrow some books from the library to read up before the exams.

I was suppose to go down to Bangladesh this week but somehow due to some unforeseen circumstances someone else went in my place and now I am going to Myanmar instead at the end of the month.

I've been spending so much time in front of the pc as well these past few days and just surfing aimlessly, checking out other people's blogs,,flickr and especially youtube. and before I knew it 2-3 hours has passed since I first sat down and this has been going on for the past week or so .. bad this is just bad ..hmmmmmmmm

I started to go through some of the pictures that I've taken over the week and there's a whole load of photos that I've not even gone through and totally forgetten about. Wanted to sort them out and upload them to Flickr but somehow the furthest I got was moving it all from multiple folders and putting them into a single one.

I rushed from work yesterday hoping I made it in time to catch the 7:15pm bus home but I obviously was a bit late and saw the bus leaving just as I reached the stop. So I had like 1 hour to waste before the next bus arrives. Managed to catch up on some reading and finished yet another book. As I sat there with nothing but time to kill I had so many thoughts running through my mind.

First of all I need a god damn break from work and get as far away as possible from anything remotely resembling work. Would be even better if the place I'm going to go to doesn't have internet access so I will not be tempted so check my mail ever so often.

Second of all I need to finish my damn studies as soon as possible because it's taxing me not only mentally but financially as well. Here I am suffering like a dog trying to pay off my school fees and not being able to fully enjoy the labors of my hard work. It's hard enough trying to make it through the day without the additional stress of figuring out what surprises the next day brings.

I also need to stop trying to interpret every song I hear.You know there comes a time in your life when you suddenly realise that every other song you listen to suddenly sounds like exactly what you're going through or as though the person who wrote and sang the song felt exactly the same way you did. It's just so freaky how so many songs that made no sense before now suddenly connects with you at a much deeper level giving it more meaning then you would like to admit.

The good thing so far was despite the work load from work and college I still managed to squeeze in some fun time to destress myself and spend some time with the people who mattered. In all the insanity and uncertainties that is currently happening thank god for the friends who are there when you need them.

Guess I just need to get my shit together and shoot down the doubts I have in my mind as to the reason of the sufferings I'm going through now hoping something better awaits for me in the future. I shall stop my ramblings for now until I get my thoughts more organised.


bulat said...

this must be the longest post ever! but the most original too: D

changeiam said...

I think there's been longer posts but then the rest also original what. Not like I copy it from google or something .. :P

Too much time results in too much rambling :)