Friday, April 20, 2007

PC Fair KL Convention Center

Plans were made last weekend to go for PC Fair which was held in KL Convention Center. Since no one wanted to drive there we all decided to meetup in Taman Megah and take an LRT from there.

Initially we're suppose to meet at 10am for breakfast and head to PC fair before lunch but after a lengthy debate we somehow settled with meeting at 12pm and having lunch and then only head to KL.Ended up in a dim sum shop which I have forgetten what it's called. Imagine having dim sum at 12 in the afternoon and my friends were even more shocked when I told them I wasn't joking we could get good dimsum at that time either :D

Took the LRT there and from Kelana Jaya all the way to KLCC the train was packed. I didn't know so many people still depended on the public transport. When the train came to KL Sentral the amount of people waiting to get on gave me a shock. Some couldn't even get on the train cause it was too full and had to wait for the next one.

After what seemed like forever we finally arrived in KLCC and proceeded to make our way to the convention centre and what better way to welcome us other than a big poster and a whole lot of people all wandering around looking for the best deals in town.

We first went into hall 5 to find a friend who was working there and made our way up to the Level 3 entrance so we could see all the exibition halls and somehow we found ourself going against traffic and it wasn't a pretty experience at all. Imagine 5-6 people going against hundreds of others ... arrrghhhhhhh

Finally I arrived at the place I wanted to go, the Dell booth and after checking out the price I manage to poison myself to buy something that I've been holding back for oh so long. Consoled myself by saying it's my belated birthday present. Since I have to wait for it to arrive you also have to wait to know what I bought ... hahahaha :P and the line to do payment at the Dell counter was awesomely long as well. There were like at least 10 people in front of my waiting to do their payment. I wonder how much Dell would have made during PC Fair itself.

Also among all the people and chaos manage to get hold of Janice and we metup in front of the Samsung booth. I guess it was a shock for both her and myself as I didn't imagine she would recognise me and with the added advantage of my height I thought I would be the one to spot her first and for her because she didn't imagine I would be with so many people so she also shy shy say hi bye and faster faster ran away ... ahhahah JAN DON'T FORGET YOU OWE ME ICE CREAM !!! :D

After everyone getting what they wanted we head over to KLCC to get some dinner. We were there since like 1pm and my legs were hurting like hell plus I wasn't feeling really well to begin with.

So we ended up in Burger King and while the rest hungrily finished their meal I struggled to eat mine cause I started feeling feverish and immediately my appetite was gone just like that. After forcefully pushing the burger down my throat and painfully drinking warm sprite and much chit chat it was time to go back home and get some much needed rest.

Thanks to my day in Pc fair I really did get a fever and ended up taking two days MC to recover from my fever. Hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)


lilxcute said...

U tak ajak I keluar lagi blekz

*huggiez* ask me out then u'll get ur ice cream XD

changeiam said...

Hahahah I not orginiser I also last minute go only .. okay next time will call you out also. Will keep the ice cream date for a special day :)