Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Friday nights

For a change had a quiet Friday night chilling and hanging out with friends in Somo Mont Kiara. First time going there and the place is not bad at all. Too bad the rain had to come and spoil the fun but that's not going to stop the guys from continuing the fun :D

Somo was playing retro/oldies and some of us could actually remember the lyrics and even the singer's name. Scaryyyyyyyyy hahahaha plus the highlight of the night must be when we were singing to some of the songs and the guy in the next table got so excited and started singing along with us .. damn hilarious ...

I had to call it quits cause I had to wake up early the next day to do my assignment. Arrgghhhh I wish I could finish of my studies ASAP, it's really taking a toll on my mind,body and soul.

Thank god for friends like this who manage to keep the stress level down and the laughter level up.