Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Society of Others

Not knowing anything about Wiliam Nicholson or the work he has done before I picked up this book in a book sale and just finished reading it and now that I've done reading it and finally got down to finding out more details about the author and the work he has done before.

He was involved in movies like Shadownlands, Gladiators and others so obviously Society of Others should be an interesting read right ? Well even after finishing the book I'm still left in confusion as what actually happened because it ends in such an abrupt manner.

So much time was spent introducing the main character who recently just graduated college but find no thrill in life and finds it meaningless. After much nagging from his dad he decides to take the money given to him and head on a road trip with no known destination and plan.

Hitching a ride with a philosophical truck driver he finds himself somewhere in Eastern Europe and just as he was getting used to the land he finds himself fleeing for his live when a group of men stop the truck. Before dying the truck driver passes and envelope to him stating he should never let it get into the wrong hands.

Before long the narator finds himself being pursued by government officials who thinks he's part of a movement labelled as terrorists by the government. With all the chaos and being in a different land with different cultures he soon begins to ponder the meaning of his own existance.

He examines the relationships he had with his parents even while on the run from the police and soon get caught and cuts a deal with the government to save his own life. The dramatic ending left me with many unanswered questions but it was a good read nonetheless.