Monday, May 14, 2007

2007 so far

So far 2007 has proven to be very challenging. I've had many ups and downs and some sweet and bitter memories to add to the already complicating thing called life and juggling between working, studying and setting time aside for my friends.

I'm already halfway done with my masters course and that's a definately a plus. Only 4 more modules to go till I finish the course and I can't wait for it to be over and yet at the same time going back to school has provided to be entertaining yet refreshing at the same time. Have made some new friends as well. Since most of us are part timers we try our best to help each other out whenever possible so that we all at least pass. So far my results has been more than satisfactory and I hope I'm able to continue the pace that I've set.

Work has it's own ups and down which I will not want to get into to much details. I'm up for a promotion and we'll see how that turns out because promises can only mean so much at the end of the day when my payslip shows the much deserved increment only will I believe it. As a bonus I've been to a few places for business trip and that made up for it somewhat. Plus with all the games we've been having it gives us the staff to release some stress and in someway bond outside of the office.

Things at home have not been too good as well. With my grandmother passing away recently and then my aunt's house getting robbed. Luckily no one got hurt in the process. To top it all off when I was in Myanmar a family member in my extended family passed away. As if that's not enough another extended family member passed away yesterday. Though I was not very close to them and only meet once in a while it still makes you wonder and want to treasure the people around you even more and take the chance to spend as much time as possible with them.

I've been going out with my friends and enjoying my time with them. I've also met a lot of new people and some of them are lovely awesome people while others I can live without. I've enough drama and issues in my life without others adding salt to the already open wounds. I'm still in the healing process and though it's been a while sometimes the memories just come pouring back in and you're left there alone wondering if somehow you did something different things might not have turned out this way. Oh well I always believe things happen for a reason and I'll try to make the best of things and leave the rest up to the man.

It's like buying a bag of mixed nuts. Sometimes when you grab a handful you will geta few nuts that you don't like and you're left with the choice of throwing them away or eating them even though you don't like it. Hope there's not too many suprises left though if it was something good it would be nice for a change after all the bad things that has been happening lately. I need to take a break soon from the rat race and just sit back relax with people who matter.