Thursday, May 03, 2007

Times Square outing

Have been going out so often that I've been slightly lagging on my blog posts hahhaha. So here's some catch up posts.

Was at home doing my assignment the whole morning during the public holiday and I knew some of the guys/gals were meeting up in Times Square for a drink or two. I had made up my mind to stay home and study but as lunch time approached I got bored and restless and decided to frak it and got ready to go BTS. Picked up Cody on the way there as well.

Since there were so many Starbucks there we ended up in the wrong one and thinking we were early we went walking around in Borders and since we haven't had lunch we decided to go hunt for some food. Luckily Cody called Janice to find out where they were and lo and behold we were just one floor above them. So did some sniper action :D hahahah

Have been going Starbucks so often that I wanted to try something new so decided to order the Banana Java Chip. Have been hearing some mixed reviews on it, some like it while others found it weird.

Tasted rather funny initially but after a few sips and I got used to the taste and away it disappeared.

The gang laughing their heads off while I was trying to get connected to the wifi but it kept disconnecting me after a few minutes so I gave up after a while and joined in the fun.

Got camera ? Can camwhore !! hahahahah

Aunty Janice in what seems to be her favorite pose ..

After all the chit chatting and laughing we said our goodbyes. Cody and myself head over to LowYat to check out some prices and after 5+ hours we finally left KL and head over to SS2 to have our dinner. It was a tiring but fun day.


lilxcute said...

ahhhhhhhh what favourite pose!!
Pose of the day! Thats what its called! Professional Model pose of the day! =P pokes pokes! haven't gotten back at everyone for poking me!!

changeiam said...

Hahahahah don't worry I still owe you a lot of pokes but will pay you back slowly la. Need to make sure you are alive for the next wave of pokes :D

Professional Model pose alright see camera only the hand automatically cover the face. Spidey senses damn geng !! hahahah

lilxcute said...

Lolz of course!
You don't call me professional for nothing ya know!!
Pokes? Lolz you will get it for sure! ngah! Tmr skating! Weeeeeeee
too bad dun get to push yoganess fall this time=(