Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rachel @ No Black Tie

Was having dinner with Rexine, Joane and Nicole last night when around 9:30pm or so I got a call frm Cynthia asking if I wanted to go No Black Tie and that Rachel insisted that I go hahaha with an invitation like that how can I refuse. Made a few calls to some people so they can't blame me saying I never inform them !!! and plans were made to go watch Rachel sing. Managed to pursuade Rexine to follow as well since she's never been there before. So we paid for our food and made way to pick Cynthia up and away we went.

It's been so long since I've been to No Black Tie that I almost forgot the way there hahaha but made it in one piece and by the time we got there it was showering slightly and Rachel just finished her first set so they all just sitting around chatting.

We got there and she introduced the people around and one of the guy was this short haired dude called Manbai. I know the name sounded so familiar but I didn't bother trying to recall so we just sat there sipping our wine and chatting way. He's damn hilarious man I had a good laugh talking to him and his views and opinions. This morning while updating my blog it hit me like a brick .. OMG .. MANBAI .. he sang Kau Ilhamku which I absolutely loved listening to when it was still famous ... *bangs head against wall* ... just shoot me okay .. .hahahahah

Rachel started her second set and we got seats right in front of her so that we can absorb even more of what she has to offer. Fly was on the bass and her uncle Rizal was on the drums. As usual Rachel did an amazing job serenading us with her lovely singing. What more can I ask for, sitting and enjoying a lovely night out sipping some lovely chilled white wine with two lovely ladies whom I adore by my side while listening to Rachel's angelic voice filling the room.

She finished her sets and finally it was time to get some grub and don't know how when or why but suddenly Rachel had cravings for crab and balitong at 2am !!! hahahah so we drove to Jalan Alor and ordered crabs and dim sum and balitong and lala and I think that's all kua hahahah and ate la ... thanks a lot Rachel for the lovely dinner ?? supper ?? hahahahaha

Finally reached home like 3:30 am or so and still had time to chat and then slept a happy man with many happy thoughts and memories of this wonderful night !!! I can live in a day like this forever :D

Also Rachel will be performing in Groove Junction in Hartamas this Friday so this is advance notice for those who wanna go. Later don't say I never inform !!!


lilxcute said...

and this is the reason why i kena ffk =(

changeiam said...

Jan I'm sooooooo sorry but I did invite you to join us but still I'm sorry ... *huggggiesssss*