Sunday, May 27, 2007

The irony of life

They say if life gives you lemons make lemonade. I say take the lemon and throw it back at life and ask for oranges or mango or something else. This 24 hours has been so full of ups and downs that it's left me speechless and in awe at the irony of life

Had a lovely dinner with two lovely ladies, one being as crazy as me or even crazier and the other curious to know about my recent mood swings ... hahahaha. The place was great, the company even greater and I'm glad they got along cause if they didn't it would have been terrible. We had loads of laughter though I do think the wine had some contribution to that matter but it was great fun anyway.

Things took a 180 from there. Feel so bad for the events that unfolded after that and I can only say sorry. Hope it wasn't as bad as it looked. Things after that just got from bad to worst. What a way to end the night. The events that unfolded still baffled me.

1. got back to my car at 3am and started it up and drove it bout 200m made a u-turn and it died. JUST DIED !! Me the car person having car problems and had to called someone to come rescue me. Dissapointment No 1

2. Called Cynthia who was the nearest at that time and told her and thinking that it might be fuel problem and we tried to get some petrol because the car was running low on fuel but I know for sure it was more than enough to get me home.

3. Drove to petronas with a few MINERAL BOTTLES !!! hahahaha something which you obviously shouldn't be doing. Lucky there was someone at the counter and they had proper container for storing petrol which costs like RM 5 and can store RM 10 worth of fuel. Hope No 1.

4. We got back to the car and poured the fuel in only to be dissapointed. Dissapointment No 2. The car still couldn't start and since we couldn't do anything more so early in the morning Cynthia borrowed me her car for me to get home and setttle the problem the next morning.

5. Woke up early called a few people and everyone was asleep. I mean like wake up already, I know it's Sunday and all but I'm in need of HELP !!!! Got fedup and went back to sleep only to wake up around 11am and finally got hold of my mech. Hope no 2.

6. Reached there and tried to check the fuses which looked okay and tried cranking few times and it still wouldn't start. By that time my mech was already nearby and gave him instructions to get there. He checked and said most likely it's the fuel pump since there's no pressure as well. Told him to get a replacement but because it's Sunday most of the shops are closed. Dissapointment No 3.

7. Not wanting to give up gave a call to a few friends and a few shops and finally called the shop that I regularly get parts from and he agreed to open the shop. JUST FOR ME !!!!! Hope no 3. Manage to get the parts and manage to get my mech to come and get it replaced.

8. The skies grew darker and I tried calling him and he was still stuck with another job. He finally arrived around 4pm or so and while he was trying to change the fuel pump and the fuel relay some drops were felt threatening to pour and drench us all. Prayed to the gods to wait for a while until the work was done which actually happened. Hope no 4

9. After all that hard work and trying to source the parts the moment of truth arrived and nothing happened. The car was cranking but the fuel was still not being delivered and since it already started raining we had no choice but to close everything up and get a tow truck to tow the car to the workshop to have a look at the wirings. Dissapointment no 4

10. THE IRONY OF IT ALL IS USUALLY SUNDAY I HAVE CLASSES which for some weird funny reasons I didn't have any this weekend !!!!!

So even with all the shitty happenings god wanted to give me a break and gave me a shitty day when I'm quite free and had no classes. Imagine if this happened while I was on the way to work, or to classes or even worst when I'm on the way to submit an assignment or to sit for an exam. Never doubt the mystery and wonders of the powers that be !!!! wooooosshaaaaaaaa


kookoo said...

maybe it's a blessing in disguise?

changeiam said...

Yeah maybe it really is, anyway used to stuff like this happening already just glad it didn't happen during a crucial period.

yuyue said...

really a blessing in disguise lol. eventhough u didnt get your rest of the day but at least u're not stuck in something important xD

changeiam said...

Yue yah lor sometimes just have to accept the bad side of life and move on awaiting for the next thing to happen be it good or bad

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