Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sunday's Dinner

After trapped in the house the whole day doing my assignment, decided to head out for dinner and met up with some friends. We went to Chow Yang near SS2 to eat some grilled fish (ikan bakar). Just love the way the uncle there prepares it.

The 3 of us ordered a moderate sized fish which cost us like RM 15 and while waiting we ordered some satay as well.

Before another friend could arrive, we finished the fish and even the bones were not spared. Made him order another fish and this time we made sure it was a bigger one and we paid RM 22 for it and 4 of us finished that in a jiffy as well. The chilli paste used to grill the fish is just AWESOME !!! Just the right amount of hotness and spiciness.

After dinner it started to pour so we waited at the restaurant, while all the waiting we decided to go to SS2 for dessert and 1/2 hour or so later we found our self in KTZ SS2 for more food ... hahahah

Since the last time I was here I tried the Mango Loh and Honey Dew Loh I ordered Strawberry Loh instead. It was better than the Honey Dew Loh. With all the grilled fish and dessert swimming in the tummy still got people who were hungry and ordered more food ... hahahaha

*Yes I realise this picture is not strawberries but I too lazy to edit
and update the picture so live with it okay. Nobody's perfect

After that yet another group of friends appeared and we had over to Indomie mamak to have a drink. Left early cause I wanted to do some work before sleeping. It was well worth the time waiting to go out.