Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday's late lunch

After studying for the whole morning was feeling rather hungry and started to bug people to go out for lunch. Didn't want to go too far so ended up in Jalan 222 Krishna Curry House with 3 lovely ladies (Lyn, Estee and Main Mata Goldfish) hahahaha they introduced her like this lor though they did mentioned her chinese name but obviously I forgot about it as soon as I heard main mata goldfish .. :D

Even though they are working like so near but they had never heard of the place before. What's even more peculiar is one of them haven't had banana leaf in her life. It's the perfect place to try out some lovely Indian cooking.

Was on my way there when I suddenly remembered I forgot to bring a cd for Lyn and if I don't bring it sure kena slaughter so u-turned to get the cd which obviously made me reach the place late.

Ordered claypot chicken, claypot lamb and fried chicken. It was an awesome wholesome lunch. Though I think the food was a little spicy for Lyn because she was doing her yoga breathing apparently while fanning her tongue/mouth. Even the lalat don't want to give her chance and tried entering her nostrils .. hahahah damn hilarious lor :D

But of course there will always be a special moment where Estee will steal the limelight from everyone.
*While digging the lamb claypot*
Estee : Eh why got no chicken breast ah ?
Lyn : Cause you're digging the lamb pot
*Something else was said in chinese yadayadayada*
Estee : So lamb got no chicken breast one meh ? ......
*Edited after some input from Lyn*

Hahahahah something to that effect la can't remember the exact words already cause I was laughing hysterically trying hard not to choke myself. Apparently main mata goldfish also has her moments. If everyday go out with this bunch I think I will either end up in the tanjung rambutan admitted as a mental patient or six feet under cause laugh too much.

It was a lovely lunch accompanied by 3 lovely ladies. Thanks for the company, you all made my day :) In case you're wondering why no pictures this time, we were too hungry and by the time I realised about taking pictures we were halfway done and I was too busy enjoying the food .. hahahaha.


Orrkui said...

Hoh... somemore i thought u're so geng chau to remember to bring the cd... dim guai chi... the cat's outta the bag yogaaaaaaa............ be careful you must....

By the way, some ammendment to the lamb breast story.

the last line that bulat said was "Lamb no chicken breast one meh?..."

Yeah.... and dun think u can run away from me for bringing up the lalat-nostril thingy!!!!!!!!!!!!

... be extra gau gau careful you must...

changeiam said...

Hahahaha the important point to remember is you got the cd so what happened in between should not matter so much :P

Hahahah okay will go update the blog later and it's the lalat fault for trying to enter into ur nose okay .. i never bring up other interesting stories okay so considered very good already :P hahahahah

Careful I am always yes !!! :D

lilxcute said...

Lolz why wasn't I invited for lunch?!?!?!