Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Was heading to KL yesterday evening for dinner and noticed that the SMART tunnel is already opened for trial run so decided to give it a try since I'm heading to Sultan Ismail area anyway and it's suppose to make my journey shorter.

I wonder how much the toll rates for SMART tunnel is going to be since the Penchala link is only 5.5km and charges RM 2 for one way where else the smart tunnel is is 9.7km and I believe costs a lot more to build considering it was done underground with high tech equipments.

Speed limit in the tunnel is 60 km/h and vehicles below 2m height are allowed in which is a good thing because I can't imagine what would happen if busses start using the tunnel.

SMART tunnel take you from Sg Besi highway and give you the choice of heading to Jalan Sultan Ismail or Jalan Tun Razak which bring you right into the heart of KL. One thing I don't really like about the tunnel is how rough/uneven the surface of the road is plus not to mention the dust but that's probably because it's still new.

Hopefully the charges won't be too much as I think a lot of people will want to use the tunnel to avoid jams. My only worry is when it rains as we know KL is famous for it's flash flood and being stuck in a tunnel while it's pouring cats and dogs wouldn't be any fun at all. Plus do not even get me started as to what might happen if (touch wood) an accident occours. I keep picturing movie scenes that involves accidents, fires and tunnels hahahahaha but I'm sure the proper measures have been put in place for emergency situations such as this. Until then I'm going to enjoy using the free service to head to KL :D


The One And Only Janice said...

oh i heard about this tunnel this morning on the radio XD
I dun remember where the tunnel is though...bypass the old airport base thingy?

changeiam said...

yes yes it's frm sg besi the old airport base if coming from PJ/Seremban

Janice said...

ah pandai pun aku lolz XD

changeiam said...

Yes janice darlings u very the smart :)