Friday, May 25, 2007

Myanmar - Day 4

So finally it was time to go back home. Didn't have much time to go anywhere else as we had to be in the airport early. Took some more pictures as we checked out the hotel.

Made our way to the airport and the departure was from the old airport and it looked quite outdated lor. I think our JB airport is so much better..

The aircond in the airport also damn ancient lor !!! hahaha see also can get scared .. hahaah

Finally it was time to head back home. It was a fun trip but I need my internet and handphone. Did I mention that owning a handphone in Myanmar is considered a luxury ? Because of the limited licenses/units available it's a control thing there and you need to apply to get it. Even if you had money doesn't mean that you can get a handphone. They draw lots or something like that. Internet is also controlled and sites like hotmail, yahoo, gmail can't be accessed. The people there are friendly though. Even if you go to a shop and tell the owner that you are not interested in buying he will still take the time to show you and entertain you unlike other places. I would go there again but not alone, maybe in a big group :D