Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bowling tourney

Imagine sleeping at 6am after partying the night before only to wake up at 8am and get ready to go for a bowling tournament ... hahahahah MADNESS !!!

Woke up with a heavy head and hoping I could skip today but the company is holding a bowling tournament and my group is currently in second place so we need the points to ensure that we stay there after our straight win in badminton the pressure and tension between groups was building up. Reached there at 9am only to find out that we had to be there at 9:30am .. arrrgghhhh I hate being early but gave me a chance to fill my tummy with some much needed caffeine.

After explaining the rules and regulations and we were on our way. I had to ensure my body was pumped with caffeine and sugar so that I don't doze off and have enough energy to throw the damn ball.

Finally we were done by around 1pm and we head over for lunch. Some of us had made movie booking for Spiderman 3 as well so after lunch we just lingered around Mines until 3:30pm. Watching a movie while being sleepy is no fun at all. I think I missed a few scenes as well especially when there was just too much talking and not much action.

Reached home around 6:45pm just in time for a shower before heading out for dinner. Did I already mentioned that I love my weekends !!!! ahahahahha That is until my classes start again ...