Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Monday !!

After a long and tiring weekend with 2-3 hours sleep a day, it's finally Monday. I know the last few posts were rather weird and full of emotions and I sounded depressed but it's just one of those days when I suddenly was overwhelmed with feelings and thoughts and ideas and questions and many thanks to those that kept me company and tried digging further to see what was bugging me. Nothing in particular but everything in general .. hahaha does that sum it up nicely ?

Well so far it's been a great Monday with a few hiccups that was overcome with some extra hard work. More like taking the cane and monitoring little kids to ensure they do their work. Oh well somebody has to be the bad guy once in a while so might as well I start polishing my bad boy skills ... hahahahahahaah

I had lunch with a colleague and I was feeling sleepy and someone gave a great idea to go and get some coffee. Visited my second home and got a cup of iced latte. I know it's different than my usual Americano but hey I'm trying out new things ok :D

Had some good news this morning and I was in such a happy mood and decided to share it with someone and had an interesting conversation while my colleague was trying hard to read the newspaper hahahah. Ahhhh this is the life. Sitting down in Starbucks on a Monday afternoon sipping a cup of coffee and having a good laugh. If only it could last longer than an hour.

Manage to settle most of today's issues and now I'm back in the office with a silly grin on my face. I guess the sleepless nights over the weekend paid off in it's own funny kind of way. Just have to go with the flow I guess and not fight the current and risk drowning :D