Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Trip to Myanmar - Day 2

This is the sequel to my trip to Myanmar. The updates are coming a bit slow because haven't had the chance to be online most of the week running around to get work done.

Woke up early in the morning to find this for breakfast. Fresh fruit juice blended and kept ready for consumption in a huge block of ice. Since it was an international hotel the normal westen breakfastwas available including a small corner with some Myanmar food but no one dared try hahahah

We had work to do today so went over to the embassy to do our presentation and while waiting for everything to be setup walked around the place taking some pictures. Check out the fan switch. It's like damn ancient okay.

Since we haven't had lunch in any of the local shops the guys at the embassy took us out to eat nasi briyani.

The food was actually not that bad other than the fact it was much oilier compared to back home. After eating the embassy guys said we HAVE to try the tea here and it's a speciality so we ordered tea for everyone.

OMG the tea was so damn bloody STRONG !!! It's like tehpucinno .. SERIOUSLY !!! but was damn good. The after taste of the tea lasted for about an hour and even then I already drank a bottle of mineral water. MADNESS !! hahaha

This is a common sight in Yangon. They have this small van type thingy that serves as their public transport. They do have busses as well but maybe this ones are like more often and cheaper ?? No idea didn't dare even to try it .. hahaahha

After our second presentation after lunch we got back to the hotel and had a rest because that night we had a dinner with the embassy guys as well. So I head over to the business suite to see if I can use the internet and I saw this as soon as I sat down.

We were brought to a Thai restaurant and since most of the dishes were about the same with what we can get locally didn't take any pictures cause I was too busy enjoying the food .. ahhaha

After dinner we had nothing to do and were rather bored and noticed that there was a cinema across the street from the hotel we were staying in and we decided to catch a show in MYANMAR !!! hahahahahah

I was taking a few pictures and noticed this. A metal detector in the cinema before heading in. Quite scary also lor .. got people bring parang or guns into cinema before ??? and after that I kena sounding because of snapping photos .. so immediately kept the camera before I get hanged or something ...

We watched 300 ... AGAIN and my god the people in the cinema is damn noisy man. If here the phone rings kena throw with popcorn already. Over there the phone ring until the song almost finish also nobody makes noise cause they are noisier than that and the fella beside me eat kuachi as though it's free. Throughout the whole show could hear him munching. Wonder how many packets he bought.

PLUS PLUS PLUS quite jakun also la they all hahahahah .. remember the oracle scene where she wore this quite transparent clothes ?? When they saw that it was as though I heard wolves on heat .. so many howling and jeering from the crowd .. we who are used to it felt ashamed pulak .. hahaha

After the show we walked back to the hotel to get some much needed sleep :D