Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cloudy Wednesday

After having a lovely Tuesday now it's time to face a bad Wednesday. Woke up and saw the gloomy skies and straight away felt a downer coming my way. Left the house as usual only to be greeted by the 3 red glaring lights on the vehicle in front of me.

Gave up fighting the jam and decided to stop and take a break and have breakfast while waiting for the traffic to subside. Reached the office late and was immediately attacked left right and center with issues which are beyond my control.

To make things worst no one wants to take responsibility and keeps passing the bug to my department. God damn it, we are in charge of technical aspects of the system and we can try our best to help resolve the issues even though 80% of it is not related to our system and now they want us to handle the operation issues also because apparently it's our problem that the data is not appearing.

What a shitty way to start the morning. Woooooshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ..... breathe in .. breathe out ..

Manage to settle most of the problems after chasing around people to do their job. Damn irresponsible .. I hate having to play babysitter but sometimes just have to. At least today evening I will get to unwind and relax and have a good laugh


lilxcute said...

shake a bon bon shake a bon bon u owe me pokes! dem...make me scream so many times i'll make u babysit me u die!!

changeiam said...

Hahahaaha I helping you to shake even more what. For you babysitting is not a problem :D