Monday, May 21, 2007

Advance notice

This is to give everyone notice that I have classes on this following days. So if want to plan anything please keep it in mind so that I also can join together la :D

Friday, May 18
Friday, May 25
Saturday, May 26
Sunday, June 3
Tuesday, June 5
Wednesday, June 6
Thursday, June 7
Saturday, June 9
Sunday, June 10
Monday, June 11
Monday, June 18
Monday, June 25
Monday, July 2
Saturday, July 7
Friday, July 13

Classes on weekdays are 7pm-9:30pm, Saturday is 2pm-7:00pm and Sunday is 9:30am-4:30pm. Please consider me when making plans okay but sometimes if I don't join don't get angry also okay cause I might be too tired or tied up with assignment and studies la :D


Janice said...

Pre bad this weekend i wun be free ><..god mom coming down...gud schedule will look out to invite u out =P

Vinspire said...

Look thru da' online timetable.

Hmmm ... No 16/6/07. Booked for BBQ !

changeiam said...

jan hahaha yes need to pre booking already .. nowdays so busy

vinny yes yes tentatively it's a yes for BBQ

Vinspire said...

anonied had been booked on 16/6/07 for da' BBQ !

lilxcute said...

I am scammed by the schedule =(

changeiam said...

jan haahah sorry sorry will update it as soon as I confirm my plans :D