Saturday, May 26, 2007

That helpless feeling

You know how sometimes you hear bad things happen to someone you care about and it just hurts you so much that you feel so helpless and don't know what to do ? On one hand you want to put your arms around that person and protect them from the world so that for once they will not get directly hurt and the world has to go through you first before reaching them.

I'm that type of person. I want to make sure life is all sugar and spice and everything nice for the people around me that I care about and try to minimise the impact to those I care but I soon realise that I was being selfish. Why selfish because I'm sugar coating everything and letting them think the world is a safe place to be in. The reality of it is the world if full of hurt and pain and sooner or later we have to realise and deal with it.

I made that mistake once and I paid dearly for it and not only that the person also became weak and depended a lot on me. This time around I'm going to approach it in a different way. I'm going to stand back and let the world deal directly with that person and as much as it will hurt and make that person sad I believe that this is what will teach the person to be much stronger and at the same time learn from the mistakes made. I will be around to hold the persons hand whenever they fall and help them up but no longer will I stand if front and ensure the path is clear from all dangers and obstacles, I hope hahaha maybe once in a while can la.. I also still learning ma :D

I guess the same theory can be applied to parenting. On one hand you want to protect your kid from all the harm in the world but on the other hand the only way he will learn is by falling and picking himself up and moving on again. Such a scary thought being responsible for the future and well being of another person, knowing that every decision and actions you take will have an effect on their future. Thank god I still have some time before that happens. In the mean time I'm always around to those that needs an extra ear to bitch at and a shoulder to cry on. Together we shall conquer life difficulties hand in hand.