Sunday, May 13, 2007

Aloha !!!

After handing in my assignment it was time to celebrate my new found freedom. Lyn made sure that I agreed to go out clubbing with her and Estee and a few other friends. Was talking to Estee and making plans as to what time we should be there when she told me that Sze Mei will be joining us. I mean like SZE MEI ??? hahahahah I would never imagine her for someone who wants to go drinking yet alone clubbing. She's looks like those serious type who doesn't really enjoy clubbing hence the shock in my voice.

Picked up Estee and Sze Mei and we headed over to Aloha. Since it's my first time there I have no idea what to expect. We were early as usual thanks to my impeccable timing. While waiting outside the entrance and observing the people entering we were having doubts because ermm first of all the music being played is like fengtauish and the crowd is "different". Lyn arrived later with more friends Jack, Jessica, Rexine and a few others whose name I can't recall.

After much discussion and debate as to enter or not we finally found ourselves at the queue to enter. Ended up opening a bottle of black label. Everyone went in and I noticed Estee and Sze Mei were not behind me. Turned around and saw they got stopped to get checked for their ID and Estee could show her shocked face at the guy telling him she's 22 and not underage. hahahhahaha damn funny lor the expression on her face.

We manage to find a table and before long the drinks were flowing and the people were dancing and this is when I was approached by this guy in a pink shirt and suddenly we became buddies. I mean it's quite common for people in the next table to just drop by have a toast or two and walk away but this one quite different experience lor. It's like every time I turned around he was nearby hahahahahah

The mission to get Sze Mei high failed but instead Estee became the victim as she got acquainted with Uncle Jack and he took her to a happy place. She had this blur look on her face the whole night hahahahahahaha priceless.

Since Estee was a kayu and it's Sze Mei first time in a club plus with the packed dance floor we had hardly any space to move and we even had the chance to meet another stalker but this one was even more scarier cause he like just appeared out of no where and just stood there staring at us while we were dancing. It was as though he was getting high standing there staring. Really sent chills down my spine. Lotsa weird people around nowadays.

Jack was giving dancing lessons to Estee and Sze Mei forcing them to move around instead of just standing there kayu-ing. Rexine was in a whole different level on her own and boy can she move. So I decided to join her. Now whenever I hear Akon's Don't Matter it will remind me of Rexine :)

We were practically the last ones to leave there and head over to the nearby mamak to have a drink and let the traffic subside. Finally after saying our goodbyes and sending Estee and Sze Mei back I was home at 6am in the morning only having to wake up again at 8am !!!! I love my weekends .. hahahahah


lilxcute said...

why wasn't i invited! pokes pokes T_T
*tears flowing down my cheeks*
j/k j/k =P
It sounded like fun when Estee can't dance and can't enter!!
I'm so sure I can ....=P

changeiam said...

Hello .. I did give you a call and you were on your way back to your hometown mmmmkayyy. Next time we go again la :D

lilxcute said...

oh yeah you did ...LOLS
But you didn't mention anything bout this occasion nyah =P
Thanks for calling =) at least i'm remembered!! XD *huggiez*

changeiam said...

Even if I did you still wouldn't have been able to make it :P Yes you are remembered and are usually invited but it's you who don't always come out

lilxcute said...

la dun say me like this...i hafta travel very far u knoe =(
if its hartamas i'll come...u guys always ss2...

ms.bulat said...

sorry its always so far T_T

changeiam said...

Awwww ok ok next time we change venue ok just for you !!! If not I come dating you alone la dump the rest ok :D