Monday, May 14, 2007

Trip to Myanmar - Day 1

Finally found the time to do some updates. So as usual woke up early in the morning to do my packing. Imagine doing packing at 6:30am in the morning when I was suppose to be in the airport at 8am hahahahahah it's amazing I didn't miss anything anyway it was a short trip only.

As usual I will pack a book to keep me company in case I get bored on the plane or in the hotel. Still halfway through reading it so will post about it much later. I called Digi before leaving KLIA to ask them if there's roaming in Myanmar and to my dismay they said they didn't have service there. I guess the yellow man hasn't found a partner there yet hahhahah

As usual I find myself being the youngest among everyone that's going. Some of them have kids half my age hahahaha

Took a few aerial shots as well especially before landing. The land looks like it was flooded and we thought it couldn't be and thought it to be some paddy field or something until we spotted some houses around the area as well.

When we landed and I first laid eyes on the airport I was reminded of our Terminal 3 building many years ago while it was still in Subang and this was the international airport.

Welcoming us to wonderful Myanmar

The first thing I did when I got into the room was to see if they had internet access and all I saw was this sign.

Began unpacking and made sure the money I had in hand was kept safely. Wouldn't want all that green to disappear now do we :D

After talking to the embassy guys and settling in we made our way to the market nearby to have a look at the local items. As we turned at the first corner from the hotel we were approached by this guy asking if we wanted to change money and since his rates were good some of them wanted to change their USD's. He led us away from the main road towards a smaller lane and I started to get worried. I mean here we are in a foreign land and this total stranger is leading us away from the main road.

Lukily nothing bad happened and we changed 200 USD and got 240,000 kyat. Now that's a shit load of notes, 240 to be exact. Felt so rich hahahahaah. As we were walking towards the market talking in Malay a local guy approached us and asked if we were from Malaysia. Apparently last time he was working here doing roti canai so he become our unofficial tour guide bringing us around to the shops and helping us get a good price.

After walking around in the market we headed back to the hotel to have our dinner and call it a night to have a good rest before our presentation the next day

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