Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trip to Myanmar - Day 3 Updated

So this is the 3rd day we're going to be in Myanmar. Since we didn't have any plans for the whole day we decided to just walk around and check out some local shops. Woke up early and had breakfast and while waiting for the rest to come down I saw this in the hotel. Just looks so yummilicous so took some pictures of it. One slice is about 2-3 USD..

Walked around the shops and streets near the hotel because there were a lot of pagoda's in Yangon but because of the company I doubt we will be going in any so there wasn't really anything much more to see in Yangon.

The main attraction there is obviously their gem stones and of course their pearls. They had cultured pearls as well as south sea pearls. You could even get your hands on some tahiti pearls which are pretty rare. Well from what the shop person told us anyway and this little pearls are not cheap either. A loose south sea pearl costs something like 150 USD !! So imagine having a pearl bracelet or necklace. Some of them went crazy and bought some saying that it's damn cheap but what do I know hahaha but the pearls there were really beautiful even I was tempted to by but luckily got no one to buy for !!! hahahah

After hours of walking it was almost lunch time and since our group got seperated we decided to make our way back to the hotel. On the way there we saw DURIANS !!! Since some of us are durian freaks we decided to try a few fruits. Each fruit costs us about 2000kyat which is around 2usd which is not too bad. The fruit was delicious and tastes something like our durian kampung.

At the sidewalks of Yangon it's common to see hawkers selling anything and everything from local delicasies to your fishes and chickens and fruits and even clothes. Did not dare try anything local because of health reasons hahaahah don't wanna end up getting food poisoning.

We headed back to the hotel after that and had lunch. Some of them went back for another round of shopping after lunch but I was just too freaking tired and decided to get a nap before our dinner appointment with the Malaysian ambassador that night.

We organised a dinner for the embassy people together with the ambassador. After dinner with nothing else to do we headed to KARAOKE !!! Hahahahaha this would be only my second time ever going karaoke. Plus I was going with people almost twice my age group so I felt a bit weird hahahaha but once the songs started playing and everyone started singing I realised that I was actually enjoying myself hahaha and we ended up going back to the hotel around 2-3am !!! KARAOKE IN MYANMAR !!!! hahahahahahah

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bevE said...

the cake the cake omg the cake ! now i would be jealous if it weren't for the fact that my aunt came back from paris and visited us yesterday with sweet goodies. =)

*posts comment n continues to read other previous updates*

lilxcute said...

I spotted biskut tambun!
*droooooolz* and floods sayangs blog =D

changeiam said...

beve now that's showing off already !!! hahahah

jan sayang where you been ? so long no see you already :( flood more okay now is kemarau season edi