Thursday, May 03, 2007

Panic attacks and frustrations

Was having severe panic attacks the whole of yesterday because I was browsing through my notes and everything seemed so alien to me. Though I know I have done it before but it seems as though I can't remember how I did it hahahahah

Spent almost the whole day just staring at the figures and going online looking for examples. Wanted to go out for dinner but was lazy, wanted to go out for supper but was lazy so the next best thing to do when at a time of stress was to continue watching the tube.

There was a revision class today and thank god I went for it. He practically told us what to study and what not to study for the exams on Saturday. I'm now feeling much better and since I've taken leave tomorrow will be spending my day at home remembering formulas and how to apply them since there's a mark for just writing down the formula hahahhaha

Was suppose to go out and meet some friends tonight and when I was done with class and gave a call apparently it was canceled because one person couldn't make it. So if one person can't make it why not still go on with it ? I already canceled my other plans to make it for this and end up tak jadi pulak. So irritating and frustrating.. bleahhhhhhhhhh .. and what makes it worst is I was giving shit to a few others who didn't want to go and I was trying my best to persuade them otherwise and to top all of that I was suppose to get a good luck huggie ... now no more already ... I AM FURIOUS !!! STOMPS STOMPS STOMPS ..

Ahhhhhh the pressure is getting to me and I think I need to go and let go some steam .. Heroes please save me ... you're my only hope ..


ms.bulat said...

aWhs!!! Yogi bear lao gai-ing kekekeke please donate huggies here: D

lilxcute said...

Awwwwwwww imagine yourself in the arms of Janice da Great! Virtual Huggies! =D dun lao gaiiiiii *sayangg*

changeiam said...

Not lao gai la just frustrated cause was really looking forward to a relaxing night out after classes.

Thanks for the huggiesss .. weee at least early morning wake up got virtual huggies edi :D